Electropantera's artwork is a captivating fusion of modern fashion, pop culture, and Eastern European life, rendered in dreamy and surreal forms. Drawing inspiration from Slavic folklore, everyday experiences, and childhood memories of the ex-USSR era, her illustrations reflect a deep connection to her roots. Born in 1990 in Moghilev, Belarus, she channels the influence of nature, village life, pagan traditions, and urban legends into her art.

A keen observer will discern familiar sights in her work, such as architecture, flora, decor, clothing, and characters reminiscent of a typical 90s/00s ex-USSR town. While her characters encompass female, male, and anthropomorphic forms, Electropantera predominantly focuses on representing the female experience.

Employing traditional techniques, she crafts her illustrations by hand using gouache, acrylic, ink, and markers on paper, adding layers of richness to her visual storytelling.

Pigiama Zine (print/digital), Le Bateau (print), / Swarm (digital) / Candyfloss (digital)

Unfair Milano with Big Eyes Art Gallery, Milan 2024
Ultrapop, Big Eyes Art Gallery exhibition, Bologna 2023
Fresh Legs Exhibition, Inselgalerie Berlin 2023
Stillaif exhibition, Studio Limbo, Como 2023
Urbe & Turbe fest, Roccabianca 2023
Spring Cats exhibition, Belorusian National Center of Modern Arts, 2022



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